Nissan R35 GTRVisiting the Melbourne Motorshow recently, I was incredibly pleased to see the new Nissan R35 GTR in the flesh! The new supercar from Nissan, the successor to the ever popular R32, R33 and R34 skylines, the new GTR pushes Nissan right into Porsche and Ferrari territory. The everyday supercar looks like it is a reality.

But wait, the loud and somewhat obnoxious Nissan salesman proudly proclaimed the dominance over the Porsches in Germany and the other great achievements, but also slipped in an expected price of around $150,000.

With the announcement of the UK pricing, I wanted to do some investigation, $150k doesn't sound too everyday to me anymore.

Japan Pricing
Available Now
Base 7,770,000 Yen
Black 7,927,500 Yen
Premium 8,347,500 Yen

US Pricing
Available June 2008
Base $69,850
Premium $71,900

UK Pricing
Available March 2009
Base £52,900
Premium £54,200
Black £55,500

Now lets do the currency conversion to Australian dollars using the current exchange rates:

Japan AUD $83,341 to $89,535
US AUD $76,227 to $78,470
UK AUD $115,769 to $118,638

So lets this right, if I were to buy the highest specification model from the US I would be paying half the price of the lowest specification model sold in Australia. That is a difference of over $70,000 Australian dollars - or a new Evo/STi. We certainly are living in the lucky country.